12 To sum up

To conclude my research blog posts, I explored the concept of feminism initially, then find current issues which related to fashion and feminism and lastly do a few analysis based on fashion magazine. After 10 blog posts about the issues and connection between feminism, fashion and traditional mass media, I have set a direction for… Continue reading 12 To sum up

11 Don’t Doubt yourself Women

In a comparison between Elle and Nuyou, both magazine has highlighted issues about female’s attitude and showcase local successful women examples. In Elle, one of the articles “Riot Girls” about four feisty ladies about their unconventional career choices. People probably will question what’s the definition of unconventional career choices? Among the four ladies, they are… Continue reading 11 Don’t Doubt yourself Women

10 NUYOU Malaysia- Girl’s friend?

NUYOU in Chinese is stand for Girlfriend. I conjecture the magazine wants to portray an identity of being a friend or partner for female readers. Nuyou is the leading fashion and beauty magazine for bilingual career women originated from Singapore since 1976 (SPH Magazines, 2015). Then, Malaysia edition is launched in 1993. Left: Malaysia’s EditionĀ … Continue reading 10 NUYOU Malaysia- Girl’s friend?