Draft of essay proposal

Research Background & Questions

In the digital age, the music industry had been digitized by the internet. The modern society listen to music on iTunes rather than buy a physical album. Singers promote their music not only on television, but mostly on Youtube, social media and even create their own webpage. The development of the Internet has not only become a threat to the interests and business practices of huge corporations, but at the same time popularising the new cultural practice (Dovey, 2008). Part of the music business is being threat by the internet, yet the new media    also rejuvenating the music industry.

As the transformation of the music industry by the internet is always observable and debatable, this research purposes a study to:

  • Identify and discuss the music industry is challenged or enhanced by new media.
  • Analyse the relevant evidences that could support the chosen standpoint by using Marshall McLuhan’s media theory.


Research scope and concepts.

This study will focus on the evolution of music video after internet being developed. As music video engage the vision and sound to visualise a song and deliver out stronger message through motion. Music video also act as an important role in the music industry for promotional or artistic purpose.
Theories that may be helpful for this paper would be media ecology theory, “medium is message” and “hot and cool media” which proposed by Marshall McLuhan. As these theories had discussed the connection of technology and society, which could examines the engagement of music enthusiast towards music in cloud.

Research Outcome and Relevance.

The outcome of first question will be covering the valuable side of the relationship between music video and new media. The reason of new media able to enhance the development of music video in the music industry. The outcome of the second question may lead to analyse the reason of several notable examples of songs which risen by their music videos in the internet phenomena is succeed. Such knowledge is relevant to interactive designers because able to study about the enhancement of new media platform towards society behavior and identify what kind of media or interactive method is more approachable for them.



Dovey, J. (2008). New media. London: Routledge.


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