12 To sum up

To conclude my research blog posts, I explored the concept of feminism initially, then find current issues which related to fashion and feminism and lastly do a few analysis based on fashion magazine. After 10 blog posts about the issues and connection between feminism, fashion and traditional mass media, I have set a direction for my essay to go deeper into this topic. For me, I think fashion would be a kind of expression of ourselves. Most of us would dress up according our emotions or to fit in different occasion. Magazine always display wide range of style of fashion and every new issue will have a new title to discuss along with feminism issues.

No matter English or Chinese franchise magazine, they showcased more foreign models, icon, attitudes towards Malaysian readers, yet their readers are increasing. Is it a sign of Malaysian female are more outgoing international fashion and learn not only skills for dressing up, but also their concepts. Or Malaysian women are more open-minded and receptive to western and other Asia countries’ fashion. What kind of fashion expression that most suit to local female or women are more enjoying to seek for aspirational instead of reality?

In conclusion, I would like to go for how international content in fashion magazine would influence Malaysia’s female and why would Malaysian female has a great interest on fashion magazine which contain international perspective.


One thought on “12 To sum up

  1. Excellent effort. Your analysis could have been a bit more organized. Do try to draw from the theoretical content from your earlier entries. Ideas from the gender and media book especially.

    Consider focusing on investigating the possible media influence of foreign fashion magazine on young Malaysian Chinese women. There’s probably a cultural split between those who look towards West (Elle) and those towards East (NuYou). Consider their differences – East encourages smart and cooperative way of moving into work force; West pushes you to ‘rebel’. Both are modern and have stereotypes of beauty (young, fair, wealthy, pretty) etc. You’ll need to gather more evidence. Check their websites.

    Don’t forget to look for some academic level quality discussion about Malaysian Chinese women for a sense of their realities.

    Discuss with your friends too and arrange tutorials when you can.


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