11 Don’t Doubt yourself Women

In a comparison between Elle and Nuyou, both magazine has highlighted issues about female’s attitude and showcase local successful women examples.

In Elle, one of the articles “Riot Girls” about four feisty ladies about their unconventional career choices. People probably will question what’s the definition of unconventional career choices? Among the four ladies, they are events manager, creative director, operation director and bartender (Riot Girls, 2015). If these occupation is being discussed in other western countries probably not a big deal, but they are Malaysians. Malaysia women in the choice of occupation are more conservatism, especially for Malay women they can’t have much aggressive fashion or tattoo even it is representing her characteristics. Their style is more limitation, so Elle showcase 3 Malay ladies who dare to make changes upon their appearances.

In the other hand, Elle has covered a topic about impostor. “The impostor syndrome is attributed to more than just low self-esteem. (Are you an imposter?, 2015)” Sometimes, working ladies can easily feel the inequality between female and male workers. We will started to doubt our ability and contain negative self concept. This syndrome usually related to personal achievement and probably will transfer similar behaviors to physical appearance too (Are you an imposter?, 2015). Confidence always promoted among female, be confident in your career, relationship, and appearance. As traits such as confidence and aggressiveness are more commonly associated with masculinity and praised in a man, while women who do evince such traits tend to be painted negatively (Are you an imposter?, 2015). For instance, the starting point of French Feminism.  It’s time for women put away low self-esteem and face the challenge confidently.

When come to Nuyou, they share tips on how to do great career presentation. It says to dominant the world, communication is the first step of it (Create an Iconic Speech, 2015). A wonderful presentation skills provide a great communication. I think content such as this would help working women to gain confidence as well, because they provide tips for them to get prepare.


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