10 NUYOU Malaysia- Girl’s friend?

NUYOU in Chinese is stand for Girlfriend. I conjecture the magazine wants to portray an identity of being a friend or partner for female readers. Nuyou is the leading fashion and beauty magazine for bilingual career women originated from Singapore since 1976 (SPH Magazines, 2015). Then, Malaysia edition is launched in 1993.


Left: Malaysia’s Edition  Right: Singapore’s Edition

What caught my eyes in my first glance of the cover? Yes, it’s “Big, Bold & Beautiful” and those sub-title above it about big size fashion. This is quite an interesting topic in our country as our society is still obsessing of being slim ladies. And I found the Singapore edition in the same month has a very different title “Spoil Yourself”, even in the same language and most of us think that Malaysia and Singapore’s culture are pretty similar.

In the Editor’s Note, the editor said that nowadays young people always have determination on getting a slimmer body and fit into smaller size of clothes, but no determination on their living attitude or job search process. She has advised “don’t be blind for follow trend, set yourself a target for your own life, use the determination in the right place, so that you can own your life.” (Editor’s Note, 2015)

11659273_10206950180977305_5051398982768502426_n 10388217_10206950181897328_4985033789796997997_n

This issue has targeted content about Big Time which display fashion with big, long and wide elements. Besides fashion, body image with big sized like big breast, huge hips and big fluffy hairstyle are also been covered. Some popular international celebrities with “big” size is shown and they also describe several successful instance for readers to gain confident (Big Girl, 2015). Moreover, they used Malaysian models to provide fashion matching tips for them (Big Girl, 2015).


Somehow, there is also a contradiction in this magazine which I found pages of interview about local celebrities’ weight-loss tips. It is more promoting a healthy product rather than focus on slimming, but it is still confused for users should accept big sizes or go for on diet?

In a local insights, the cover has highlighted an interview with Lynn Lim who is a Malaysian MC, actress and DJ. The form of interview is quite fresh which 10 males who are popular creative people ask questions towards Lynn. I concluded the interview of Lynn as she tend to encourage women be more independent and dominant in our own life (Face2Face, 2015).

The magazine also provide career tips for working women. Therefore, I think Nuyou is prefer to encourage Malaysian women be more independent and broader mindset instead of rely on men.


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