09 Marie Claire Malaysia

Marie Claire is a monthly women’s magazine from France since 1937 but also distributed in other countries with specific editions and languages (The FMD – FashionModelDirectory.com, 2015). Marie Claire Malaysia prides itself as one of the most establised female magazines here and Marie Claire Malaysia is celebrating its 21st Anniversary this year (Marieclairegroup.com, 2012).


By seeing its cover, only the title for the cover celebrity “K-drama Mama Kim Hee Ae for MC Malaysia” and another title “Andaman Langkawi” has shown words that represent Malaysia. Editor’s note not even mention “Malaysia” event or articles. However, there is an interview of a Malaysian actress, Sarah Lian about her succeed of being local talent gone to international and brief introduction for her latest film (Something about Sarah, 2015).


The overall local content has very little proportion compare to foreign representative and articles. This month’s issue are highlighted more Hong Kong and Korea’s fashion and lifestyle. For instance, the cover celebrity has featured the Korean actress,Kim Hee Ae who is a SK-II Global Brand Ambassador. Besides beauty tips, Kim Hee Ae share how she juggle the role of being mother, wife, actress and the face of SK-II (Kim Hee Ae, 2015). Although the previous magazine also featured an Korean actress, Gianna Jun, but the magazine doesn’t have any personal interview.


Then, for the Hong Kong part, one of the fashion title “Eastern Dreams” with a tagline of “Sexy urban sensibilities meet heritage and tradition with Hong Kong as the perfect backdrop” (Eastern Dreams, 2015). The title reminds me one of my previous post about MET Gala 2015 with a China themed. Nevertheless, this series of photo shoot only shows models in Hong Kong’s heritage places with modern clothing, instead of apply tradition elements on fashion.

Compare to Elle’s more thematic direction, Marie Claire’s content more on a kind of randomness. As a franchise magazine targeted for local female audience, the fashion and articles content similar to Elle which they introduce more foreign female role models, instead of local models. It still one of the hit selling female magazine in Malaysia, what’s that our female readers is attracted?


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