08 the ELLE Malaysia – all about “she”

Elle, women’s fashion magazine founded in France in 1945 by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon and owned by the Lagardère Group of France. Its name is the French word for “she” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015).

Elle features content about fashion, beauty, feminism, and style with supporting sections such as health and fitness, food, travel, relationships, celebrities, film, music and books’ sharing. It is the world’s largest fashion magazine, with 43 international editions in over 60 countries (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015).  Malaysia’s first issues is started on 2014.


Now I’m going to discuss about the June issue of Elle Malaysia. Before going into the deep side of content, let’s have a quick analyse about the cover. The main title for this issue is “Power UP – How to build the ultimate wardrobe: sharp, sexy, stylish.” They bold the word ‘ultimate’, ‘power’, ‘sharp’, ‘sexy’ and ‘stylish’ to show them their focus point is more on independent and confident women. Or should say as an attitude they would talk about and should be emphasis to readers. The Editor-In-Chief, Andrea Wong mentioned in the Editor’s Note that “While there still remains instances of women facing gender discrimination at work, we no longer have to dress like men to demonstrate our prowess (Editor’s Note, 2015). ” The ‘wardrobe’ is about the new way of wearing modern suit for working women to let our female femininity shine through  (Editor’s Note, 2015).


This month’s featured celebrity on the magazine cover is Gianna Jun. She is the Korean hottest actress and model who has high popularity globally. However, they just showcase her awesomeness as a new face of Italian fashion house Gucci with her photo shooting series, but they didn’t include any personal interview from her (Cover Star, 2015). I’m quite disappointed as once I first saw the cover, I was excited to know more about her personality instead of only her popularity.

Next, on the cover there is a Star icon above a topic “Super Skincare Formulas – The future of flawless skin is here”. Skincare product is a very concerned issue among women, so they had highlighted it as well. In the articles on this topic, content included “specially designed for Asian skin” which may target for our local readers and “Skincare has gone to be multitasking” which I think it is because women lifestyle are busy now, they prefer multitasking to save time (Gene-y IN A BOTTLE, 2015).

The only one Malaysia-related title is “Rebels with a cause – Malaysian women making their own rules”. Another similar topic is “Why you need to stop doubting your success?” Both are discussing about women’s confidence in working roles. I would like to further discuss this in my other blog post.

It is a French’s franchise magazine with an Asian cover celebrity, it likes a mix of western and eastern elements, but mostly in a foreign perspective rather than local. The magazine is targeted Malaysia readers or even the editors are Malaysians, then what is the reason for Malaysia women have great interest in outward fashion and trend?


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