07 Look through young girls’ magazine

I would like to discuss about one of the female teenage magazine, Mina. Mina is a Japan based fashion magazine and there are Malaysia’s Chinese version selling here. After glance over the magazine, I found that most of the style are very casual and young. June’s issue cover girl is popular Japanese actress and model, Aoi Miyazaki.

10150626_10206904039063786_1776419815158792463_n   l_p0038593830
The left one is Malaysia’s issue. The right one is Japan one.

The cover of Japan’s version and Malaysia’s version are the same, yet they have different content in it. In the magazine, they not only uses Japanese girls as model, there are also Malaysian young ladies are being use in the magazine who are representing the fashion trend and female identity in Malaysia. However, they have the common features which are sweet and refreshing.

10403300_10206904040383819_3268090162365245470_n 10460206_10206904039903807_3480187227362340308_n

For me, fashion is a kind of expression. It express personality of a person by looking of the wearing. From this magazine showed that our oriental girls are still portraying feminine characteristic yet there are not only dresses or skirt but also pants. The difference between women and men fashion is women have wider range of clothing compare to men. Men can’t wear dress, skirt and high heel, while women can wear pants and sports shoes.


Greta Christina who is an author on topics including atheism, sexuality and sex-positivity, LGBT issues, politics, culture, and more said that “fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men (Christina, 2011).”  She also pointed that female fashion is a connection or communication tool with male, which means that most of the female dress up themselves to appeal men. Based on the female teenage magazine, they show their image as need for protection but their casual form also display they are comfortable and approachable.


Christina, G. (2011). Fashion is a Feminist Issue. [online] Greta Christina’s Blog. Available at: http://freethoughtblogs.com/greta/2011/09/02/fashion-is-a-feminist-issue/ [Accessed 21 Jun. 2015].

Mina (2015) Mina, (79).


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