06 Chinese elements in fashion.

After visiting my classmate, Carmen’s blog, one of the blog entry is about our Chinese traditional wear – Cheongsam. It has reminded me about one of the biggest fashion event, MET Gala 2015. The MET Gala took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last month. The theme of this year gala is China: Through the Looking Glass. Most of the top Chinese celebrities models and designers were invited, so their fashion on the red carpet is the point I wanted to focus on.

As a Malaysian Chinese, I won’t forget that our root is from China and Cheongsam is one of the  traditional costume that has to be preserved in our culture. When I saw the news of Gala, I was impressed of some of the female celebrities who wore elegant dresses that applied Cheongsam’s elements and western elements. It totally looks beautiful and matched the theme of the event. They had represented and displayed our culture on their costume.

From the interview, we can know that most of the fashion designers are not Chinese too, but they created wonderful ‘art pieces’ in the fashion industry by using the beauty of Chinese traditional costume. They had turned this remix culture between western and eastern culture into an awesome results. These female celebrities had represented the spirit of Chinese culture and utilized in fashion to show the public.


Ziyi – Zhang’s dress with Cheongsam element.


One of the actress, Ni Ni also mentioned that yellow is a representative colours in China.

I hope Chinese traditional elements can be transform more in the fashion industry and be a trend of wearing it. Therefore, our Chinese culture can be well preserved and create our own trend.


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