03 Female dominating the fashion

When the word “Fashion” first goes into your mind what will I think of? Apparel? Beautiful? Models? Female! Female’s apparel much more common than male’s. Fashion magazine or Brand’s fashion show mostly used female models more than male models. What has prompted this phenomena in the fashion industry?

Larry D. Woodard, president and CEO of Graham Stanley Advertising and advertising columnist for ABC News, said the reasons are similar to why men’s sports is a much larger industry than women’s sports.

Women are more likely to immerse into the fashion world compare to men. They can go insane with limited edition items in the fashion industry, especially big fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Channel, Prada and more. The prices between men and women’s clothing has a huge gap. For examples, “the men’s clothing industry rakes in roughly $400 billion worldwide, but the women’s clothing industry worldwide is worth about $621 billion”(EFFRON, 2013). Therefore, not even the appearance of women in fashion will be more frequent than men, but also female models can make more money than men as the demand has increased nowadays (EFFRON, 2013).

In my opinion, not mean that female has dominated the world and we are being equalised with men’s status, but fashion is the greatest field which women can dominate it for a very long term. Although more men are taking care and improving their own male’s fashion, but I believe that the desire of women to reach the beauty goal is more intense than guys’.



EFFRON, L. (2013). Why Do Female Models Make More Than Male Models?. [online] ABC News. Available at: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/female-models-make-male-models/story?id=20534067 [Accessed 3 Jun. 2015].


2 thoughts on “03 Female dominating the fashion

  1. I agree that female models are dominant than males because there’s certain gender stereotype planted in people’s mindset. Female tends to wear dresses more appealing then males because of their facial features and their body line. Another reason is ads mostly targeted to females consumer because again gender stereotype makes them think males who like fashions are gay!


    1. I agree! You reminded me an important points which is female’s fashion range is much more wider than male. We can wear pants either but men can’t wear dress or skirt. But nowadays the number of men imitating female’s fashion has increase too. May be people now are more open minded and don’t really care about sexual stereotype?


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