02 Women’s movement.

After a quick research through question no.3, I have decided to select this as my essay question. As it is a very interesting topic for me to discover and comment about it.

Back to history, female status is keep on rising over the time. From ordinary housewife or mother to the higher leadership level, the equality between man and woman has nearly balanced nowadays. They had limited in education level, status in a family, political level and even working position also had set a circumscription towards lady workers. Only a few successful female in the past times, just because the lack of awareness for equality between male and female.

What make the changes happened? What the changes of woman attitude and their status nowadays?

The history’s turning point of women’s status is during the French Women’s Movement, women authors were important to startup the movement by delivering the equality thoughts to the public. One of the representative female authors, Simone de Beauvoir analysed the reason of women lack of the ambition to succeed. Because ambition only encouraged in boys, instead of girls, they were educated that women are not allowed to being successful in their career (Kuhlman, 2010). Therefore, girls in the old society seldom have the confident to fight for own rights and their own dreams. However, there were also many popular rebellious women who are brave and stayed their great deeds in the history. For examples, Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma who had fought for the democratic system in South East Asian (Wright, 2015). She had been called as a heroin of Burma. However, women now are less constrained to pursue and determine our own goal. The rights and equality of women are also being protected in the modern society.

suu_kyi Aung San Suu Kyi


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