10 Technology always shortcut?

Coding is one of the useful skills and also a language that Interactive Media Designer should own. I always wondering this is a skill which considered develop from technology. These days, the outcome of coding is becoming more fascinating and amazing.

This is a interactive websites with colourful and attracting user interface. FormsFollowFunction


I think advance software like Adobe Dreamweaver or Flash really assist designer in coding, sort of a shortcut way yet faster. Before the appearance of Dreamweaver,  HTML website mainly built by using notepad. Notepad is used and this is a traditional way to built website nowadays which compare to Dreamweaver can proceed things in a faster ways. Dreamweaver has guideline, can detect certain error immediately and auto pop-up hints when you’re coding, some people thinks that’s quite shortcut or lazy way. No, when we can save time, why not we just use the easiest ways to code.

I read some tutorial some people would advice try using Notepad first before getting into Dreamweaver. However, I think Dreamweaver doesn’t replace talent, but its straight forward function and easy to control will bring in more talent into coding. Dreamweaver is good for multiple files, can link external CSS easily, so our things will look neat. It has a split view of script view and design view, so you can see the end result along side your code.

Interface of Dreamweaver.


The existence of software or technology is to make people’s life faster and convenient. Everything is keep on improving is a high speed, we need to catch up the latest technique in faster pace by utilising internet and relevant software.


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One thought on “10 Technology always shortcut?

  1. Definitely useful for designers! And noticing how the software evolved and improved into better and more convenient now ! It really saves a lot of time and boost up the efficiency of designer!


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