08 Thesis of essay.

I’m a design student learning Interactive Media Design and the most recent projects which I would like to share is website design and video practice. I summarize the points that I wanted to discuss here.

Website Design

Skill – Design > internet can access to more inspiration, eg: Pinterest, Behance.

> The situation between design students and working designers practice originality in different method. Design student like us do citation, while industry designers make copyright. In this project, I had spent for 3 hours to complete my citation as in my design I used many resources and references online.

> Design skills can advanced by using software and online tutorial.

Skill – Coding > free template online, internet helps work can be done faster.

Video Practice

Skill – Communication skills > Online meeting and conversation will be more comfortable for me if the person I’m not familiar with. When I’m finding talent for my short film, I posted Casting call on Facebook. After this I had roughly interviewed with people who is interested to help through Facebook personal message, and I feel this is more comfortable to talk with stranger first instead of directly face to face talk. Technology helps me to ease my awkwardness.

Skill – Creativity > A theme of short film which can drag audience’s attention is important in IMD as we need to connect people through our media. Therefore, my stand of thesis for my essay would be

Take advantages from the technology now and help ourselves to be a effective designer.


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