07 Artists and Designers

Daniel shared a video about how Disney animators talk the issues of originality. It demonstrated 4 artists who are Walt Peregoy, Marc Davis, Eyvind Earle, and Josh Meador. They were drawing the same tree but each of their final painting is very different from others. I think it just support what I stated “As everyone’s creativity and  imagination is different, our thinking is different” in one of my previous post.

Each artist just having their personal response towards the tree, they painted the idea, instead of only visual. They have their own style, thinking, feelings and method to produce their own painting. Walt Disney narrated some quote

“Don’t imitate anyone.”

“Expressing things as you see them.”

We can have our own style as long as follow our heart to feel the objects. His opinion more on artist’s sight, if as a designer can practice to refer to others style. Designer design product for client and fulfill client’s demand.

Eric Karjaluoto who is Creative Director at smashLAB also says I believe that many of us are simply finding similar ways to solve problems. We’ll research for similar idea to solve our client’s problems, but the aesthetic part makes it looks different. That’s why there is different originality issues between artist and designer. For me, I would like to go for designer’s view because I’m a design student now.


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One thought on “07 Artists and Designers

  1. Originality might defined as new and not copied work, must be unique in terms of its context. but what i think is that we can value the defination of originality as we’re not the artist. We don’t need to struggle with original web design as we learn to take others as reference material, and plus, client don’t even care how original the website is, as long its serve for purpose.


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