06 Talent vs Technology

As I’m standing at the position of disagree that talents and skills are replace by technology, I would like to talk about my opinion here.

Technology always meant to be help humans to complete things in a faster way and makes our life more convenient. According to Dictionary.com’s definition, technology means the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical which interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.

So everything is technology now, we should make use to it I think in the creative industry, technology also helps human to save more times when completing a project instead of replace us. In advanced, we can even explore more skills by using creative software and produce unexpected outcome. Talent will be own more new skills, but not in the traditional method. If come to traditional painting or drawing, YouTube channels have various type of drawing tutorial provide for users to self learn or improve their traditional skills. If we have basic sketching and drawing skills will more advance our skills in software.

When I was in foundation year, I subscribed and watched one of the channel, Proko which teach the skills of basic drawing and figure drawing. It’s just like going for lecture twice and the video in YouTube can be rewatch whenever you want. This is one of his video:

Here’s a video of John Maeda who is a Japanese-American graphic designer and computer scientist giving out his opinion about the relationship between art, design and technology.

From the talk, John Maeda stated that old and new media can be combine together to create good things, no matter old is how old or new is still new, as designers we have to figure out which is good or how things can be done, even in the new era. So we shouldn’t constraint ourselves to use either one media, both tool may surprise us too! Try it and do it in your creative ways.

Furthermore, John Maeda has mentioned earlier that he feels computer is more a spiritual space of thinking. Computers only recognised 1 and 0, but human can talk to him with various of language including web designer’s coding. It looks like an enigmatic world just like art. In previous lecture Daniel share that article to us, internet also a virtual space, but this space contains more and more things which we wanted to see, explore or feel. I would say internet and computers has became one of the bond between the world, they didn’t limit our skills or talent, but further brought us to a more creative world.


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