05 Look back.

Look back to those days before becoming a design student, I didn’t have any awareness on originality issues. However, I found something interesting to share about remix. In high school days, I used to doodle with friends when we get bored during class.

One day, 3 others classmates and I completed an “art piece” together in class. We take turns to add a stroke to a paper and produce the final outcome. 1676679988 It is a remix of our creativity. Of course this is just a random doodling.It contains many common elements like star shapes, love shapes, lines and dots but overall it looks like something special. As everyone’s creativity and  imagination is different, our thinking is different. Although there’s people said nothing is original, but i think that everyone can’t think the exactly same idea. Probably similar but not same. Just like each human having their own finger print, except clone.

Recently because my high schoolmates’ birthday, I redesign a badge for her. I used Adobe Illustrator to reproduce the main character from that doodle. This has shown creative software in the new era assist us to create new things every time. bobo

Therefore to achieve originality in design, not really a hard task for designer, all we need is think in creative ways. Even we are seeing the same things, our thoughts still can be slightly different. A great theft is nobody knows he steal, if being claimed by plagiarism, it is the person just take someone’s work without development, thinking, transform and generate new things. I remember the first time consult with Daniel, he asked my opinion based on originality, I said if a person do better results or outcome than the previous/original author that may can consider as creativity, but not plagiarism. However, Daniel throw another question which is what determine better? By popularity? This really makes me think further based on this questions.


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