01 Second Choice.

After the first consultation with Daniel, he suggested me to switch topic to question No.4. Therefore, I had a quick research and analyse clearly about this questions once again.

4. What are your thoughts on the idea of originality is being challenged by the internet? Do you agree or disagree that talents and skills are now being replaced by technology? Discuss the issue using your own projects and practice.

Task word: Discuss the issue.

Key word: Originality, internet, technology

Platform: Use own projects and practice.

Daniel also reminded me this topic share the similar idea of intertextuality which we had learnt it in previous semester, Media, Histories and Culture subject. So the related keywords of this issues are included originality, creativity, intertextuality, copyright issue and remix culture.

Furthermore, we briefly discuss about the idea of plagiarism. I stated that “if the reproduce artefact is more successful as in more supporters or recreate in a more creative ways, it can consider not as a plagiarism.” This should be further discuss and develop after I continue doing more other research.


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