After read through and understand the 6 questions on the brief, I decided to go for question

No.3 – “Identify and discuss how the issues of real identity and virtual identity are a feature in science fiction films. In addition discuss the following: Are we sacrificing privacy, self-expression, human connection, or other important values when we engage more and more with virtual worlds?”

As either real or virtual identity is an interesting issue that we can broadly explore through science fiction films, this will helps us to identify what issues we would encounter when more virtual identity appear in our internet world. The privacy issue also a huge topic that I would like to dig more about it.

I roughly break down the questions into several points which I think I should consider.

Why virtual identity would be a feature in science fictions films?

What’s the purpose of using virtual identity?

What conflict will appear between real identity and virtual identity?

The reason of using virtual identity can related to why more social media users own their account with fake identity. If we continuing involve in this environment, what are we sacrificing?


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